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Aldan Lux Self-service
Aldan Lux Self-service

Product description

The elegant showcase ALDAN Lux is newly available as self-service version. This model is designed for pastry shops, coffee bars, bakeries, restaurants and filling station.

  • Hardened double glass (top, side)
  • Open front glass (self-service)
  • LED Lighting (placed at the top and bottom of front glass + in front part of side glass)
  • Rear sliding doors from double glass - easy shift of doors with wheels
  • Double-sided printed glass - colour options: gold, gray, black, red
  • Available color change for decor of front bottom panel

Technical information:

  • Ventilation cooling
  • Electronic control unit with display
  • Operating temperature +4 / +8°C (at ambient temperature +25°C / 60% RH)
  • Automatic defrosting with condensate evaporation
  • Refrigerant R134a
  • Voltage 230V / 50Hz
  • Special self-supporting plastic body - base of showcase
  • Adjsutable feet


  •  Dimensions (mm)  1000 x 760 x 1390 (1410)     
     Display area (m2)  1,5    
     Power input (W)  800    
     Power consump. (kW/24H)  14,4      
     Weight (kg)  188    
  • Color variants:
  • Download: Aldan Lux Self-service.pdf
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